At IfTech, our mission is to provide clients with the complex services needed for successful innovative fiber projects: from creating ideas to producing and marketing them. IfTech's principals and affiliates have broad-based, international expertise in all areas relevant to the use of fiber technologies and products. These areas include agriculture, fiber supply, technology and product development, quality assurance and control, environmental assessment and management, market development, sales, marketing, and financing. This expertise allows us, if desired, to act as a general contractor, providing one-stop service for complex projects.

IfTech offers support in the following areas:
Feasibility Studies
Evaluation of the technical and economic feasibility of innovative fiber technologies, materials, product lines, and agricultural projects.
Fiber Sourcing
Identification and evaluation of fiber supplies.
Market Research and Development
Analysis of existing and emerging markets for fiber technologies and products; development of marketing strategies; identification and development of potential customers and partners.
Technology Development
Evaluation of innovative fiber processing and technologies; development of process and product modifications; identification of partners; strategic patenting support.
Product Development
Testing and modification of raw materials; evaluation of technical needs and process modification; product certification.
Operations Development and Capital Projects
Planning, construction, staffing, and startup of both pilot and production facilities.
Environmental Services
Evaluation of environmental impacts, including life cycle analysis; development and implementation of strategies for environmental permitting, management and compliance.
Identification and development of public and private sources of project funding.
Mergers and Acquisitions
Due diligence based on a thorough understanding of the potential behind the numbers and formation of strategic partnerships to maximize that potential.

Depending on your needs and in-house capabilities, we can provide these services on a consultation basis or as fully managed turnkey projects.

IfTech's integrated approach to fiber projects saves its clients time and money by avoiding the communication problems and uncertainty that can result from involving several unrelated parties. Because of our experience, we can anticipate and creatively solve the problems likely to be encountered in any innovative project. Ultimately, our capabilities and approach allow us to create value for our clients.

To assess IfTech's prior experience and accomplishments in areas related to your needs, please contact us for project references.

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