Worldwide Uses of Fibers

Worldwide Production and Sources of Natural Fibers for Textile and Technical Uses
Fiber Approximate Global Production
Metric tons/year
Countries of Origin
Major Uses
Cotton 19 million USA, China, India, Pakistan, Usbekistan, Turkey Apparel and home textiles, non-wovens for hygiene products, pulps for currency, document and high end office paper
Wool 1.4 million Australia, New Zealand, China, Eastern Europe, UK Apparel (tweeds, fine fabrics), nonwoven felts, insulation materials
Silk 77,000 China, Japan, India Textiles
Ramie 172,000 China, Brazil, Philippines, India Apparel textiles, specialty paper
Flax (Linen) 637,000 France, Belgium, Netherlands, Eastern Europe Apparel and home textile, specialty pulps for currency and cigarette papers, composites
Hemp 73,000 EU, Eastern Europe, China Cordage, specialty paper, composites
Jute 2,6 million India, Bangladesh Sacking, cordage, textiles, carpet backing
Jute-like fibers
563,000 India, Bangladesh Sacking, cordage, textiles, carpet backing
Sisal 297,000 India, Sri Lanka Specialty papers, cordage
Coir 633,000 India, Sri Lanka Cordage, padding, mattresses, sacking, doormats, erosion control mats
Abaca 91,000 Philippines, Ecuador Specialty pulps